Tuesday, February 2, 2016


Businesses only grow when there are good marketing strategies. Online marketing today has not only made business visibility easier, it has reduced marketing cost, and an  increased ROI

These are five smartest way to promote business online with little or even no fund.

1) Search Engine Optimization:  This is a free method of increasing website visibility, also known as organic search.  This is achieved by following these simple steps:
   a) Add your website to search engines like google, yahoo or bing etc. For google, visit "www.google.com/addurl" to add your domain name. 
   b)  Give the website good contents that includes Text, Images, Keywords that are related to what people are looking for. The higher the relevance of your website, the higher the website will be ranked high in the search engines, which improves your website visibility.

2) Search Engine Marketing: This is a paid advertising method, eg Google Adwords. With this, you can position your business (ads) next to or above the Organic search result. You can also choose words or phrases your ads should appear for. Ads can be scheduled by determining when, where to run the adverts.

3) Local Listing:  For small business owners who run their business in a particular location, local listing can be used to connect to customers within that vicinity. They are displayed on search result when someone searches for product or services in a particular location.  This can be achieved through google local listing by visiting www.google.com/placesforbusiness

4) Social Media: sites like facebook, twitter, youtube etc offers unique opportunity to get feedback, and increase the niche of your business to customers, friends and families.

5) Email Marketing: Its a cost effective way of marketing product and services to both new and existing customers to your website. On can easily share news about new offers and promotions going on, giving out special offers.

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