Tuesday, February 2, 2016

What you need to know before designing your Website

In this Internet age, many users find it necessary to research about a particular topic or the other on the internet. There is a need to understand the following terms.

 Website:  A website is a collection of  web pages that are linked together through hyperlinks. These web pages can contain Images, word text, Videos etc. The main page in a website is called a Home Page, and the other pages are called Sub Pages. The hyper(links), link the Home page with sub pages, the sub pages together, and externally to another website.


1) It must be ORIGINAL: Contents matters a lot in web designing. The primary aim people visits your website is to get information about what you do. The content should be unique, real, and up to date.  A website that is not always updated risks loosing  potential customers, and being redundant. 

2) User Friendly Navigation: A good  website must be well organized, named in a way that the audience will easily understand. All the pages should be given unique names that fits what the page is all about. eg: A page that discuss about your "Services" should be named Services, Our Services, What we do etc. Ensure that all links are working well, (avoid broken links) and if you have a lot of content, design a search box, to make it easy to find.

3) Professional Design Layout: A good website should be simple and attractive to viewers. A website with colour riots will not be appealing to users to come back. The text, and lettering should be normal and appealing to the users.

4) It must be FAST: A good website must be fast in loading, the time it takes a website to load determines whether users will revisit the website. The size of the graphics used, server speed, traffic volume, etc are some of the factors that determines how fast a website is. Always regard the factors mentioned to avoid crawling website.

5) Search Engine Optimization: There are millions of website that are not visible, this is because of a poor or no Search engine optimization. Websites should have KEYWORDS that users may search for to find a service or a product.  A tool like Google Keyword Planner can assist with good Keywords suggestions. With a good keyword, one can have thousands of visitors visiting the website daily.

6) Link Building: A good website should have relevant links pointing to it. eg Google, Yahoo,etc. This  improves the  awareness and the visibility of the website. Social Media sites are also very important in website visibility, facebook, twitter, instagram, youtube, linkedin etc.


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